The Video Below Will Instruct You on How to Take the Final Step Needed to Secure Your Position to Work With Me and to Help You Build Your Team.

If you haven't yet seen the two videos on the previous page, then the video below won't make sense.  If you haven't seen them yet, go do that now and then come back to this page.

Step 4:  Watch the video below and follow the directions precisely.  It may be a good idea to pause the video and follow along step by step.

If you have any questions, click the floating green icon on the left of the page or email me by clicking here:

Click the Button below to Open the Sign-up Page in a new window.  Then pause the video as you register so you can follow along step-by-step.

If you've seen all the videos and you are REALLY serious about taking advantage of this opportunity, you do have permission to call or text me here:  573-200-6376.  Serious inquiries only please and leave a detailed message if I don't pick up.

I also recommend in addition to calling me, you click the green icon on the left side of this page or email me at because I may be out of the country with no cell phone service, but I will most likely have access to the internet and may be able to reply faster to you there.